Pool Safety Compliance Certification

Pool Safety Compliance Certification


Pool Safety Compliance Certification

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Save lives by ensuring your pool and/or outdoor spa are compliant. When selling, purchasing or tenanting a home with a pool, the home must comply with your state pool safety regulations.

Our professional, experienced and licensed inspectors will conduct a thorough inspection of your pool safety barriers, highlighting any defects/hazards and provide you with recommendations for the most cost effective way to meet the requirements.

Once any required rectifications are completed to the required standards and evidence provided to the inspector, we will issue you with a Compliance Certificate.

Inspections are carried out in accordance with the following Australian Standards:

  • AS 1926.1-2012 Swimming pool safety Part 1: Safety barriers for swimming pools
  • AS 1926.2-2012 Swimming pool safety Part 2: Location of safety barriers for swimming pools

The enforcement of swimming pool safety requirements is the responsibility of the local council. A person who contravenes or fails to comply with the swimming pool safety requirements is guilty of an offence. Maximum penalty is $15, 000.

Subject to safe and reasonable access, the inspection will assess the condition of each of the following areas on the date and time of inspection:

Boundary BarriersIncludes pool boundary fences (glass and other), non-climbable zones (NCZ), strength tests and  retaining walls
GatesIncludes gates, gate unit, gate hinges and latch
WindowsIncludes windows that open directly into the pool area
DoorsIncludes door, door frame, self closing device and latch – applies to access doors to indoor pools and the indoor part of an indoor/outdoor pool
Balcony BalustradesApplies only to balconies that protrude into an NCZ
Resuscitation SignageNew pools must display prominent signage

Pool Safety Compliance Certification starts from $147…please view our pricing guide for more information.

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Pool Safety Certificate

Obtain a Pool Safety Certificate From the Professionals

Swimming pools and jacuzzis are heaps of fun and relaxation waiting to happen. However, homeowners may overlook the safety certifications that come with owning a pool. When you’re buying, selling, or renting out your home with a pool or spa in it, you must obtain a pool safety certificate. Consider recruiting the services of Building Inspections Hub to grant you the safety certificate for your pool that will help you remain compliant with the law.

What You Should Know About Swimming Pool Safety Inspections

Most renters and homeowners across the country aren’t aware of their legal requirements regarding a swimming pool safety certificate. Only a building or pool inspector can issue you with the relevant documentation to deem a body of water safe to use when a property is changing hands in ownership or occupation.

  • Pool certificates play a crucial role when a property is changing ownership or an accommodation agreement is near completion for a space with a pool. If you have a shared pool, the certificate is valid for 12 months. Certificates for non-shared pools are legal for two years.
  • Upon expiration of the safety certificate, the owner of the property doesn’t have to immediately renew. You may be able to wait until you decide to rent or sell the house. If there is a shared pool, the corporate body or owner must obtain the certificate and make it available to all unit owners. There’s no need for each unit owner to obtain a pool safety certificate, provided that they don’t each have their own swimming pool on their property.
  • If you have a pool safety certificate but the local government rules that your pool breaks the pool safety standard, the government may cancel the certificate until you resolve the issues.
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What to Expect From Building Inspections Hub Regarding Swimming Pool Safety Inspections

We exist to ensure that your building and, in this case, its swimming pool meet a particular safety standard.

  • After inspecting your outdoor pool or spa, our professional inspectors will make cost-effective recommendations to you so that you can make the necessary changes and rectify the situation. Only after the inspector is happy with the work and the standards will they issue you a compliance certificate.
  • Our inspectors possess the necessary licenses to ensure that their work is legal. They’ve undergone the latest training and are aware of the new technology that they can use to efficiently complete their tasks. They are members of relevant industry associations, giving you even more peace of mind that you’re collaborating with competent inspectors.
  • We deliver comprehensive reports to you, including photographs and information about any issues that we discover with your swimming pool. Once we have completed the inspection, we’ll send you the report within four to six hours—you can always expect a quick turnaround.

About Building Inspections Hub

We are a leader in professional building inspections and employ licensed, insured, and experienced inspectors who are registered with the Master Inspectors Association of Australia. We accept calls and bookings at any time of the day, and once you make a booking, we’ll handle the rest. We keep our rates highly affordable and competitive.

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