Electrical Inspections

Electrical Inspections


Electrical Inspections



An Electrical Inspection will ensure that your home’s wiring and other electrical components are in good working order and do not pose a safety hazard to you and your loved ones!

Having electrical inspections regularly and meeting electrical safety requirements, will help reduce the chances of disasters occurring, such as a fire due to loose electrical connections, overloading circuits, incorrect wiring, etc.

A detailed electrical inspection is not included in Pre-Purchase Building Inspections or Building Defects Inspections…electrical inspections must be conducted by a licensed electrician and most building inspectors are not licensed electricians…our licensed Master Inspectors are also licensed electricians!

An electrical inspection prior to buying your home is important to identify any dangerous electrical issues that may be very expensive to repair once the property has been purchased. An electrical inspection can also help you negotiate a lower price if faults are found.

Subject to safe and reasonable access, the inspection will report on the condition of each of the following areas on the date and time of inspection:

Consumer MainsOverhead, underground, single phase, three phase, size of main cables
Mains SwitchboardCircuits, fuses, RCDs (safety switches), circuit breakers
Sub-boardsCircuits, fuses, RCDs (safety switches), circuit breakers
Earthing SystemsEarth Bonding, M.E.N. (Multiple Earthed System), earth stake, size of earth cable
General Wiring (where visible)General wiring where visible in roof space, under floor (if accessible), main switchboard
Switches/PowerpointsSwitches, power points, earth testing of power points
Downlights & LightsDownlights and lights
Fixed AppliancesOven, hotplate, stove, rangehood, microwave, dishwasher, coffee machine, exhaust fans, ceiling fans, smoke detectors, electric hot water service, air conditioner

Electrical Inspections start from $347…please view our pricing guide for more information.

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Electrical Inspections

Building Inspections Hub: Professional Electrical Inspections for Your Peace of Mind

Few people opt to carry out electrical inspections prior to purchasing a property nowadays, and many mistakenly believe that these inspections are included in standard pre-purchase property inspections.

Getting a professional pre-purchase electrical inspection done before you sign on the dotted line can save you lots of headaches – and money – in the long run. It will ensure that any problem or potential problem is effectively identified and dealt with before you buy the property. At the very least, should any problems be found during the inspection, it will put you in the ideal position to negotiate a better price to offset the cost of the required electrical repairs.

What You Should Know About Electrical Inspection Before Buying a House

Getting a professional electrical inspection before buying a house is important, and contrary to popular belief, it is not included in a standard pre-purchase building inspection. Opting for a pre-purchase electrical inspection can save you from buying a hole in the pocket and can help prevent later issues that may arise due to faulty electrical wiring or systems.

  • A professional inspection of your future home’s electrical wiring and systems will include all aspects of the home’s electrical system, from the consumer mains to the mains switchboard, any sub-boards, earthing systems, general wiring, switches and power points, downlights, lighting and all fixed installations.
  • Many house fires throughout Australia each year are due to faulty electrical systems and wiring. A professional electrical inspection before buying a house can set your mind at ease that you are purchasing a safe and equipped property with working electrical systems in a good state of repair.
  • An electrical wiring and systems inspection can help you keep up with and effectively plan home maintenance activities and help keep you compliant with the local council and regulatory requirements. It also ensures that, if you do decide to sell your property, you don’t have to contend with any nasty surprises.
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What You Can Expect From Building Inspections Hub Regarding a Pre-Purchase Electrical Inspection

We are a prominent Australian owned company delivering a range of professional building inspection services, including pre-purchase building inspections, air quality and air conditioning inspections, hygiene inspections, building defects inspections, timber pests and termite inspections, electrical inspection before buying a house, and much more.

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  • Our team of building inspectors are highly experienced, licenced, fully insured, and members of both the Master Inspectors Association of Australia and the Housing Industry Association. We offer services of the highest quality, carried out with the latest in technologically advanced equipment, and completed to strict industry standards.
  • All our electrical inspectors are also qualified and licenced electricians, as required by law. Rest assured that by doing business with us, you are dealing with the best that the industry has to offer.
  • Our fast turnaround times and the exceptional quality of our services have made us one of the country’s foremost industry leaders. We have more than 35 years of professional industry experience.

About Building Inspections Hub

We offer a wide range of professional building inspection services throughout Australia. We proudly serve homeowners and prospective homeowners, estate agents, commercial businesses, and factories every hour of the day, every day of the year.

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