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Experienced Termite Inspection Professionals in Adelaide

At Building Inspections Hub, we offer you high-quality termite inspection services at your home or commercial property, protecting your valuable asset from termite damage. We have been in the industry for over 35 years, providing our clients with inspections and treatment solutions for termites and maintaining the integrity of your property structure.

An inspection before investing in a property gives you peace of mind that you are putting your money on a worthy investment, and they will give you value for money. Our inspectors are licensed, insured and highly experienced for your peace of mind. In addition, we are highly trained and up to date with the latest in the industry. When you engage us for a termite inspection service, we will quickly and promptly give you results. After the inspections, we provide you with comprehensive reports with photographs detailing issues found and providing recommendations. 

The Importance of Termite Inspections for Your Adelaide Property

As professionals in the inspection field, we understand that termites can cause major structural and economic damage to your home. After all, they eat the inside of the timber structure, leaving only a thin shell for protection from the outside environment. Worry not, however, for we are ready to help you. Our team will conduct a non-invasive visual timber pest inspection of your home and provide a detailed report highlighting the discovery, or non-discovery, of infestation and damage caused by timber pests.

Building Inspections Adelaide Hills
Building Inspections Adelaide Hills

At Building Inspections Hub, we carry out termite inspection services following the Australian standards AS4349.0-2007 Inspection of Buildings Part 0: General Requirements and AS4349.3-2010 Inspections of Buildings Part 3: Timber pest inspections. Our purpose for the inspection is to: 

  • – Find evidence of termites
  • – Assess the severity of the damage
  • – Assess the susceptibility of the building to infestation by termites
  • – Offer remedial and protective measures
  • – Offer further necessary investigations

Why Adelaide Chooses Our Termite Inspection Services

At Building Inspections Hub, we offer termite inspections at your property in Adelaide, assessing and reporting each of the following areas:

  • – Building Exterior
  • – Roof space
  • – Subfloor space
  • – The site includes trees, stumps and timbers embedded in the soil

Our team will inspect all the accessible timber within your property, including structural timbers, joinery and decorative timbers, ancillary, attachments, and garden timbers, among others. We will report on the infestation caused by pests and termites, the date they were found and the time of the inspection. 

We provide free quotes and are available by phone for books 24/7. In addition, we offer fast and reliable services with affordable rates to our clients. With our comprehensive reports, you can rest assured that our team will know the nature of your problem and how to remedy it after receiving the information. Our reports are available 4-6 hours after the instruction is completed. 

Building Inspections Adelaide Hills

To learn more about our termite inspections in Adelaide, contact our team today at any time of the day or night. We also respond to queries and concerns.